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Discover the most diverse land of China with New Imagination DMC! Like Guilin, Yunnan has been a popular destination among mass tourists. However, it is time to shines some lights with the perspective of incentives and events. With the rise of luxury retreats, tt's time to explore the new possibilities with your Yunnan DMC.

the Colorful Land

This province in southwest China is its most ethnically diverse. It's home to 25 of the country's 56 recognized ethnic groups. And each has a unique culture and cuisine. Then there's dramatic landscape and breathtaking views that are rumored to have inspired the Shangri-la of James Milton's "Lost Horizon."

Vibrant nature, snowbound peaks extending towards Tibet, bygone trading routes, towns unchanged for centuries; Yunnan is a standalone province with a standalone personality. As you climb ever higher along the snaking mountain roads, away from Lijiang’s cobblestone streets and towards Shangri-La, you enter an area that was once part of Tibet – from the fluttering prayer flags to simple whitewashed housing, Tibetan influence is clear and the spirituality, unmistakable



A Land Where Scenes of Nature


and Culture Harmonize

As the most diverse province in China, Yunnan boasts a large collection of both natural and cultural scenes, and they compose a perfect duet. To the south, it the Cultural Landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces covering 16,603-hectares with a history of 1300 years; to the north, Lijiang old town shines more than 1000 years contrasting the Yulong Snow Mount; in between, Chongsheng Pagoda harmonizes with Cangshan Mount and Er'haii Lake

yunnan mountain

A Land Spreading 4 Seasons

There’s the eye-catching contrasts of the land of Yunan: dense jungle sliced by the Mekong River in the far south; soul-recharging glimpses of the sunset over rice terraces in the southeastern regions; snowcapped mountains as you edge towards Tibet. The diversity in the landscape brings a complex climate: to the south, it's tropical weather with wild elephants playing in the jungle; to the north is the cold snowy high altitude climate where snow leopards prey.In between it could be spring in Kunming and autumn in Tengchong. Yunnan, 4 seasons find their places at the same time.

yunnan church

A Land with Multi Cultures

More than half of the country’s minority groups reside here, providing a glimpse into China’s hugely varied mix of humanity.No other provinces in China can come close to matching Yunnan’s cultural diversity. The people of Yunnan’s variety of food, dress, and music make the province the most dynamic in the entire country and make it an ideal place to get a complete picture of China’s 1.3 billion people.


​A Land to Escape

With the advantage of diversity in both landscape and cultures, Yunnan is the trendiest destination for China’s exploding domestic tourist industry. Recent year, unique lodge and luxury resort s are booming here to cater to a large number of wealthy travelers. Except for a large collection of International chains like Indigo, Intercontinental, Shangri-la, etc, resorts brands like Anantara, Banyan Tree, and Aman also found his home here. Local bran like brand best at bending local culture in their property like Bolian & SOngtsan are also hot catch here.

Trek Among World's Most Spectacular Rice Terrace

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