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New Imagination DMC takes you to discover the changes in Guilin where scenery stays picturesque eternally. With luxury resorts and design hotels open one after another, Guilin became trendy again among groups of incentives and events. Come explore new experiences with your Guilin DMC.

Best Scenery of Hills and Rivers under Heaven

When the former president of the United States Bill Clinton visited Guilin in 1998, he observed that “nowhere is like Guilin”. Indeed as the old saying of china, “Guilin has the best scenery(of hills and rivers)under heaven. Guilin and the surrounding region are among the most scenic areas in China and the most popular tourist destinations both for Chinese travelers and international guests. Guilin is the hub for trips to the surrounding area's karst terrain, limestone mountains eroded into fantastic shapes. Apart from its sheer visual beauty, karst terrain also provides many cliffs suitable for rock climbing and many caves. There are many scenic places within short traveling distance of Guilin. These include Longsheng with its famous Longji rice terraces; the Lijiang River, a scene of which is printed on the back of ¥20 banknotes; and Yangshuo, a small county downstream from Guilin. This makes Guilin an excellent base for exploring the northern end of Guangxi Province.



UNESCO Listed  Karst Landscape

Large areas in south-west China comprise spectacular landscapes as a result of karst limestone. In the center of this scenic tropical world is Guilin, one of China’s leading tourist cities. In the yellow light of the setting sun, the peaks rising sharply from the green plains of the Guilin district appear to be competing for the beauty crown. No wonder the region attracts millions of tourists every year.

Guilin River

Emerald Rivers

Guilin rivers are derived from Guilin hills while beautifying the hills in return. No wonder people often compare the elegant Guilin hills to the city’s skeleton, and the beautiful Guilin rivers the city's blood. It seems that any attractions in Guilin without any water are with no interests and delights. Among the rivers of all sizes, Li RiverYulong River, and the Two Rivers and Four Lakes around Guilin City area are the most beautiful rivers in Guilin.

Longsheng Guilin

Local Villages as Perfect Escape

There are more than Karst landform sceneries to expect for Guilin. This favored tourist destination in southern China also houses an outstanding array of old towns and villages for your seeking of its long history, interesting culture, exquisite timeworn old buildings and hidden lifestyle. Therefore, leave all your stress in the bustling city behind and comfort your mind and vision peacefully with what you are going to encounter with in those ancient places in Guilin

Guilin Outdoor

Outdoor Heaven

The advantaged geographical and climatic conditions in Guilin make it the best choice for outdoor activities. It is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those who seek activities of Adrenaline kicks. Whether it’s rock climbing or trekking/hiking, or mountain biking or rafting, Guilin has them all.

Dining in the nature

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