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Creative Team,

Refreshing Solutions 

We are not that kind of old fashion DMCs in China derived from traditional travel agencies. The team of New Imagination DMC consists of young professionals who have worked in event companies, PR companies, and DMCs for years. With this background, our team always reaches all the way to meet your demand and offers refreshing ideas, “outside of the box”.
 Yet we are more than a role of local experts, we are your event DESIGNERS that offer a whole package of solutions.

Curvy Corridor Courtyard, a fine dining restaurant with   design  based on an ancient Siheyuan courtyard and cuisine that pays tribute to precious local food materials.

Hakkasan, despite the quality descending these years, their great invention, "Peking Duck Going with Caviar", is followed by many other fine dining restaurant in China. We are Peking Duck lovers ourselves, ask us which restaurants to go to and what wine to go with. 

Local Experts,

International Minded 

We are a team with different cultural backgrounds. We speak multiple languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Spanish, Russian, etc. We start a project with you with like-mindedness. No matter where project managers are from. they are local experts in destinations of China, speaking fluent Chinese. What we are not just professional knowledge but also our love and passion for the cities we live in. We are explorers of our destinations. Insights of venues, culinary, art, and cubbing, everything you need in our home, you can count on us. 



As a boutique DMC, we have a team with a passion fully devoted to delivering the best experience in each of our destinations.  We are good listeners and thinkers to understand your need before planning your event. We share our insight based on our experience and evaluation of each venue, supplier, material, and idea.  We are your great partner in managing the budget, your concern is our priority.

Most importantly, we are also very flexible in finding solutions for your demand. China is a land with ultimate possibilities, and there is always an answer to your request through the effort of our event planners.

Handmade Travel Guide from our previous case in Lijiang, Yunnan

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