17L Wantuo Homestead Jingtian Street

Futian District 

Shenzhen China 518034  

Tel: +86 755 2396 4535


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with A Journey of 5000 Year History of Middle Kingdom

New Imagination DMC

Proudly Present China's New Image

While New Imagination DMC love the rich "5000 year history" and strong unique culture  of China,we have the faith that ,China,the most dynamic economy entity in the world has much more to offer than mere tourist gaze catering to westerner's image of the "old " oriental nation.


From high speed train to e-sharing bikes, from online payment to everything internet-plus ,from made-in-China to innovate-in-China, the once-follower now is involving in a game changer. If your incentive trip is looking for rewarding and inspiring, there is no better choice than the land where you can take a glimpse of the future. And if your business trip here is to expand your connection in the promising land, we are here to present you the new image of China , proudly.