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Looking for an event destination where you can enjoy the beach and ocean? New Imagination DMC presents you Sanya. With the largest collection of luxury resorts,  Sanya is a destination with truly NO worries, in terms of both event management and your holidays.

The Hawaii of China

Located at the bottom tip of China’s Hainan province on the South China Sea, tropical Sanya is the country’s second most southern city and is quickly becoming a favored choice for luxury travelers in Asia, particularly since it’s just a short 1.5-hour flight away from Hong Kong. Once one of the best kept secrets in China and a destination that attracted mostly domestic vacationers, Sanya has in recent years begun luring more Western visitors, a fact reflected in a significant spike of newly opened hotels and resorts. It’s easy to see why interest in the city continues to grow: a stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, abundance of shopping opportunities and lavish luxury hotels are just a few of the many attractions in modern Sanya.


Park Hyatt Sanya

Largest Collection of


Luxury Resorts

Beautiful stretches of coastline of Sanya are lined with an array of upscale hotels offering pristine private beaches, which are considered among the best in the country. Along the 5 bays of Sanya, there are Park Hytta, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz  Carlton, St. Regis as the most high-end choice; luxury design hotels like Capella, Edition and Rosewood are nested at Haintang Bay, with much more choices coming in the next few years!

Sanya Beach

Sea,Sandy, Sunny

With over 258 kilometers of shoreline, Sanya is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal scenery in Asia. Along its seemingly endless white sandy beaches and a pristine coastline are several of Sanya’s most beautiful bays.

Sanya Li Miao

Culture of  Minority Ethnics

From folk customs to fantastic food, the rich culture of Hainan has been shaped largely by its various inhabitants, such as the Li and Miao people. The Li, in particular, are some of the island’s earliest settlers, dating back to the Neolithic period, and their fascinating culture is preserved at attractions like the Binglanggu·Hainan Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park.

Sanya Jungle

Tropical Jungles

Away from Sanya’s crowded bays, out towards the county of Baoting, Hainan’s topography takes on an altogether different hue. Just 45 minutes’ drive north of Haitang Bay rows of motorbikes cluster tiny villages and lush, green tropical forests stretch seemingly forever. It’s a gentle reminder that in terms of distance at least, you’re almost as close to Vietnam here as you are to Mainland China. It’s also an area home to one of Hainan’s largest rainforests.

Indulge in A Luxury Resort

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